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The village of Mari emerges on the southeast of Larnaka district and stands at a distance of only 39 kilometers from the city of Larnaka. It is the last village of the district of Larnaka and is considered the natural border between the districts of Larnaka and Limassol. It is located southeast of the village of Kalavassos and east of Zygi

When visiting Mari you will meet many renovated houses and the Turkish-cypriot cemetery. Then the old primary school, which will be turned into a cultural centre, the agricultural museum and a workshop of agricultural art.

Walking through the village, you will come across the Mosque, which was deserted in 1974, when the Turkish-Cypriots inhabitants of the village had to be moved to the north and occupied part of the island.

What is extremely impressive is the Old Mansion with its great windows and the small balcony, all built in the traditional way and style. Today it is used as place for baking breads in the traditional way.

The chapel of Saint Marina follows, as it is considered to be of great historic value. It goes back to mediaeval times and this is the reason why the Community Council, in cooperation with the Antiquity Department will restore and reconstruct it.

Immediately after that, the visitor will be led to the centre of the community where the building of the Community Council and a small Grocery Store are found.

The village square and the Community Park are worth visiting. The monument dedicated to our missing Andreas Alexandrou (war 1974) is located within the park. One of the churches of the community built in the 20th century is set right next to the monument. It is dedicated to Saint Marina and Saint Spyridonas.       

The small chapel dedicated to Saints Constantine and Eleni is found on the northeast of the community. This small wooden chapel was built on a small hill that overlooks the sea. The stock farming area is set one the same area, namely on the northeast part of the community.

Other sights worth seeing in the village are the Inn of Hadjiloizos and the old bridge right next to it. Both will be restored and their restoration will be funded by the Community Council and the Antiquity Department.

There are two ports in the village; a trade and a fishing port. The latter, undoubtedly adds a special character to the community. Many would say that the most beautiful part of the day is when all yawls enter the picturesque port.

Finally, it must be noted that during the journey through the village, one can see a combination of cultivated land alternating with hectares of wild vegetation.

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